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23 for 23

'23 for 23'

We are delighted to announce our new Initiative - 23 for 23! The scheme is designed to encourage existing women golfers with a handicap index of 30.5 or lower to join Walton Heath with a temporarily reduced joining fee, subject to successful completion of the application process. 

What does the process look like?
After returning the completed application form, candidates will have up to 3 years as temporary, non voting Members of the Club to enjoy golf club life at Walton Heath and meet current Members. Before becoming a temporary Member, you will be invited to an interview and playing interview(s) before being accepted into the 23 for 23 initiative.  Once accepted, you will then need to gather letters of support for your application from full Members you have met and played with to transfer into full membership. Once this support has been gained from full Members, you will have the opportunity to apply for full membership and only pay a £500 joining fee.*

*an increase of £250 per year will be applied every additional year after the initial three year period. 

What fees are payable during the temporary membership?
You will only be required to pay the annual subscription and bar card levy applicable for your age category whilst you are a temporary member.

Can I play in Club competitions?
Yes – as long as you are of amateur status. We would encourage you to take part in all areas of club life at Walton Heath. 

Can I bring guests?
Yes, you can bring up to 3 guests at a time in line with member guest rules. 

What do I do if I don’t know anyone?
No problem, our team can help with introductions to help get you started with meeting current members. 

Can I join sooner than 3 years?
Yes! As soon as all the processes are complete and you have gained enough letters of support, you can be considered for full membership.

What happens if I don’t get the support required within 3 years?
You can stay as a temporary member up to the age of 50 and continue to pay an annual subscription and bar levy. When you are able to apply for full membership, an additional £250 will be added to the £500 joining fee for every additional year you remain in the temporary category above the 3 years. 

Please click HERE to download the application form.

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